Mel’s Kitchen: Mint Chocolate Cookies 10.13.11

While I love and I emphasize, LOVE to eat, I’ll shamelessly admit that I despise cooking. The only form of cooking that’s bearable to me is baking. No direct contact with raw meats, weird stenches, and accidental finger chopping. SOLD.

I followed this recipe in an attempt to bake “Thin Mints.” My “Thin Mints” ended up being too thick to be considered thinΒ anymore, so I renamed them Mint Chocolate Cookies. It took longer to make these than your typical cookies (because you have to wait for them to solidify in the freezer) but the great thing is that the cookie dough can be stored in the freezer to be used at another time.

If you’re a lover of all things mint chocolate like myself, I’d suggest adding a little bit more peppermint extract for a mintier kick. Other than that, they were a hit. I’ll definitely be revisiting this recipe some time closer to Christmas. Let me know how you guys like your own and probably better version of Thin Mints!

Look Out for Thin Mints…err…Mint Chocolate Cookies,


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