The One 01.06.12

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone’s enjoyed their holidays. We’ve been on a blog hiatus for a month due to school and indulgent relaxation but we are back in full swing for 2012.  And what better way to start off than with a food post at The One Restaurant, a quaint Taiwanese café in Burnaby. Thank goodness neither of us have any new year’s resolutions that involves some sort of strict diet where we only eat cucumbers for dinner…

After a bowl of spicy beef ball noodle soup, a beef hot pot combo with rice, yam fries, green onion pancakes, and a humongous sized Japanese Green Tea Smoothie and Lychee Slush, we were both gasping for air. Decent prices and decent dishes in a very vibrant and upbeat setting. We definitely came here for the novelty gigantic bubble tea slushes ( if you don’t drink it fast enough, it’ll start tilting and melting and it gets a little messy but they give you a second cup to scoop it out!). We are going to share next time we come here, that’s for sure. The One Restaurant is located on 5098 Kingsway, Burnaby, tucked in a little complex.

Have you tried The One and do any of your new year’s resolutions involve cutting out yummy food!?


LOOK OUT for The One Restaurant,


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2 Responses to "The One"

  • Tania says:

    Where exactly is this on Kingsway? (Sorry, I too lazy to use the Google.) But it does look yummy. Would be the perfect place to take one of my Taiwanese-food loving friends. And yes, I have a resolution to stop overeating and eating too much junk. So I guess that includes some yummy food!

  • thelookoutblog says:

    It’s in a complex by a karaoke bar on Kingsway and Buller Ave right on the corner! (I’m not good at giving directions lol so your best bet is probably Google!) but everything is delicious and the bbts are to die for… should def check it out!

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