One Hundred 04.04.12

Oh hi, it’s us and yes, we’re still alive in case you’ve been wondering. We’ve both had such hectic lives in the past four months due to school and full-time work (one of us is graduating REALLY soon, so exciting!). So this is why we’ve been terrible, terrible bloggers as of late. But we can justify it because we’ve been working very hard, we promise!

Anyways, this is our 100th post – kinda a big deal considering we never thought TLO would be where it’s at today!Β We’d like to take the time to thank our wonderful readers, wonderful friends who support our blog since its inception, and local PR boutiques & businesses in Vancouver who invite us to super awesome cool events. Β We are definitely looking forward to the summer break when we can spend more time and effort on the blog and making it bigger & better!

Much love from the both of us,



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